Plastic Sign Faces

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Hanson Sign Companies has been producing high-quality Plastic Sign Faces  made from Solar Grade Lexan polycarbonate since 1988. Solar Grade Lexan prevents yellowing and is extremely durable.

Our paint department produces the highest-quality painted plastic faces on the second surface.

New Quality Assurance Measures:


September of 2017 we installed a new curtain wall between our cabinet assembly and spray booth areas to improve our quality and on time delivery. As we have grown busier it has become an increasing challenge to move finished signs out of the paint booth fast enough so that others can be moved in. We had too many instances where signs had to be sanded down and repainted due to dust settling in the paint resulting in delays. Our new curtain as well as our switch to Mathews Paints will help eliminate this issue insuring better quality with fewer delays.

Types of Plastic Signs:

  • Flat plastic sign faces
  • Smooth plastic pan faces
  • Embossed plastic pan faces

Decoration Methods:

  • Painting
  • Vinyl
  • Digital Printing
  • Blank Pans


  • Vacuum Formed Sign Faces

    Our Vacuum formed lexan faces allow for extremely brilliant, durable and creative applications customizable to your customer's needs.

  • Plastic Pan Embossed Faces

    Pan embossed faces are similar to pan faces, but some or all of the copy may be raised. Dies are placed on top of the mold to create this effect. Embossed pans can cosmetically improve the appearance of the face as well as adding additional strength. Projected text results in a second dimension visually.

  • Lexan Pan Faces

    Pan faces are an excellent alternative to flat faces. The face is vacuum formed to a depth of 2``. This gives more than just a decorative appearance to the face, it adds strength and durability. You may order white pan faces and apply your own translucent vinyl or you may wish to have us back spray the artwork in translucent paints so it will come to you completely finished. Pans also keep faces a sufficient distance from the cabinet bulbs to help avoid hot spots and shadowing.

  • Flat Plastic Sign Faces

    Flat plastic sign faces are often used for their economic advantage as well as the fast turnaround time. Flat plastic sign faces tend to be easy to install and update. Those who are building sign cabinets, pylon signs, and smaller secondary signage may choose flat plastic sign faces. •We do not recommend using a flat Lexan® face when the lamps in the face will be closer than 4`` from the sign face. When the lamps are too close to the sign face the image of the bulbs may shine through (shadowing). •Finally, we do not recommend using flat faces in cases where the dimensions are greater than 32-square feet. A flat face loses its strength as it becomes larger and runs the risk of being blown out of the cabinet