Plastic Sign Faces: Pan Smooth and Embossed


Pan SmoothPan Smooth Plastic Sign Face

Pan faces are an excellent alternative to flat faces. The face is vacuum formed to a depth of 2". This gives more than just a decorative appearance to the face, it adds strength and durability. You may order white pan faces and apply your own translucent vinyl or you may wish to have us back spray the artwork in translucent paints so it will come to you completely finished. Pans also keep faces a sufficient distance from the cabinet bulbs to help avoid hot spots and shadowing.

Pan Embossed Plastic Sign Face

Pan Embossed

Pan embossed faces are similar to pan faces, but some or all of the copy may be raised. Dies are placed on top of the mold to create this effect. Embossed pans can cosmetically improve the appearance of the face as well as adding additional strength. Projected text results in a second dimension visually.





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