Illuminated Cabinets: LED Illumination

A relatively new industry option for illuminating sign cabinets internally involves the use of LED's instead of fluorescent lamps. LED's are Light Emitting Diodes with a field life of 50,000 hours compared to a fluorescent lighting life of 10,000 hours +/-. A benefit of using these is a 30% energy savings on your estimated utility electricity costs!

LED's come equipped with a 4-year warranty on the diodes and 5-year guarantee on the power source. They operate very well in cold temperatures without a warm up period and are safety conscious with low voltage which result in reduced fire and safety hazards…which can equate to lower insurance premiums and potential green-friendly credits!

Fewer service calls and more consistent illumination are also benefits of LED's. In addition, LED's can be recycled and do not contain mercury like fluorescent bulbs, meaning you will not have disposal issues. Conserve energy!


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